The Proper Guide to Pool Pilfering or The Beach Babe’s Book of Blue Borrowing

by Suzi on January 28, 2014

The key is confidence & the appearance that you belong on the property.
Important tips to blending like a belonger are as follows:

1. Appearance matters.  Specific to your venue, be sure to present yourself in an appropriate fashion. Footwear for women would include a fancy sandal, wedge or heels. For gentlemen, a fashionable choice in leather. No rubber flip flops, no cut off shorts, no sneakers. A sundress is suggested for the ladies, white woven shirt w khaki bottoms for the gents. (Full pant or tailored short).

2. Point of entry.  Many resorts are on alert at the beach entrance. If your targeted resort has a restaurant or bar, that is ideal, as you may easily proceed through the front. Do not stop in the lobby but proceed to the outdoor resto/pool bar. If questioned, it is best to answer “I am looking for a friend at the bar.” This is not a lie. You are intending to make/meet a friend. Ideally the bartender.

You may also find that entering from the beach is ideal. In this circumstance, it is best to disrobe. If you enter in your swimsuit, with footwear in your hand, you will appear as a guest that was beachcombing. Be cognisant of your bag and additional accessories.

3. Identifying the location.  I generally do my research in advance. Seek locations that advertise their waterside restaurant or bar. Large facilities have difficulty remembering the faces of all guests.

4. Timing  

Regarding the day of the week, Friday, Sunday & Monday are ideal days for pool thievery. These days most often have guests checking in and checking out. It is easy to be an anonymous face as a potential newcomer.

Regarding the time of day, early morning is ideal for beach entry. You will often find that employees are tending to their responsibilities of setting up chairs & umbrellas. They are less likely to recognize your approach. A warm hello or comment is always welcome and further identifies you as a friendly patron.
If utilizing the lobby entry, I recommend a time that aligns with the bar or restaurant service. Near noon, happy hour or early dinner.

5. Purchasing  Technically, I am not a thief but rather a renter. I always purchase at least one cocktail or beverage or meal. It adds to the details of the presentation. And certainly adds to your personal satisfaction & may alleviate guilt if that plagues you.

6. Charisma  No one questions the delightful guest. Compliment the bartender, regard the employees, engage with others. Part of being a belonger is community.

7. Advanced
Note the processes & presentations.
(No resort utilizes dolphin printed towels.) Identify the brand colors. There is often a presentation of towels poolside or beachside at the point of entry. If you can adopt one with ease, I recommend this accessory. It will enable you to further penetrate boundaries.

Gift shop
If you intend to frequent your location, you might invest in a signature hat, tee or towel. This detail will further indicate you as a belonger.


Obviously if you partake in a yoga class, tour or spa service, your entry is validated. Simply retain your paperwork & linger. Your alibi is justified.

8.Exiting  In the event you are addressed as trespassing, leave with dignity. There should never be arguing or scene making.
If you are asked if you would like to charge it to the room – you must always respond with your desire to pay cash (best) or charge it to your credit card. You may NOT charge it to the Underhills.

Authors note – Authentic violations include: hopping fences, private residences and breaking and entering.

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