Jule Accessory Store

Client: Jule Inc

JULE was founded in 2005 by a small group of experienced retailers who knew accessories play an important role in a woman’s individual style. JULE’s mission is to be the destination store for accessories.

Presenting a mix of fashion jewelry, handbags, belts, watches, sunglasses and gifts.

Project: Design, Marketing, Merchandising, Fixture Procurement and Training.

Detail: One of the founding members of the Jule Inc enterprise. Responsibilities included creating a naming strategy and identity for the brand, interior concept,  fixturing design and propping procurement, as well as on floor merchandising and staff training.

Jule Boutique Store Rendering

Jule Interior Costuming Table

Jule Branded Packaging

Jule Interior Direction

Jule Inspiration Photo

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rob SAntora November 3, 2014 at 8:43 pm

Your Displays are Clean & Simple yet offer opulence.
This may seem obvious, but simplicity with style can often be overlooked. All items are clearly visible, attractively displayed and within your customers’ reach. You avoided overcrowding your displays and provided easy-to-see product information.

As you reveal, Visual merchandising is the hook that draws customers through your shop and compels them to pick up and buy your products. Nice!


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