Buying Fresh Fish in Five Cays

by Suzi on January 29, 2014

You have to really comb the TripAdvisor threads or chat with a local to find fresh catch, but it is indeed available;

Where the fishing boats arrive in Five Cays, near Bugaloos Restaurant, you will have the ability to buy some fresh catch. It is frequently referred to as “The Fisheries”.

Look for this long green building, and the door marked Provo Seafood LTD. The restaurants may beat you to the selection, but often there are smaller pieces and variety that you may purchase.

I scored nearly 2 pounds of freshly caught Red Snapper. The price was about $18/pound, but you will find that to be a reasonable amount for the quality. Most of what you buy in the grocery stores has been flown in and frozen. This is authentically local and delicious.

The word is out on my delicious dinner. But I definitely had enough for guests. Now I have to figure out fish tacos with the leftovers!

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